Adjustable Patella Elbow Support for Sports

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LTG Neoprene Patella Elbow Support Brace Strap for tendonitis pain relief. Made from Neoprene Material for maximum comfort and support. This also stabilizes and reduces strain to the patella tendon, resulting removing discomfort and pain relief.


Tennis / Golfer Elbow Strap Epicondylitis Wrap Support Lateral Pain Syndrome

  • Instantly relieve pain associated with Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow
  • Made of medical-grade Neoprene, which retains body heat to stimulate blood flow and accelerate healing.
  • The strap is very lightweight and stretchable, making it a one size fits all item.
  • The strap is 48cm long, will fit most adults (will not be suitable for small arms)
  • Raised pressure point for extra pressure where you need it.
  • Counter tug system for ease of use.
  • Can be used on either arm.
  • Can be worn for most sports and work too.


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