Lumbar Support Belt: Neoprene Strap for Lower Back Pain and Gym

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Is backache affecting your daily routine, stopping you from doing simple tasks like tying your shoes?

Are you lying awake at night still in agony?

Wearing this back support could make your pain disappear.

Two criss-cross elastic straps are attached on the outside center of the neoprene back panel. They are used to adjust the tightness of the belt, making a very effective double-pull tightening system. The elastic straps also remove the air gap between your back and the neoprene material to correct your posture for the best efficiency. The neoprene back panel also retains body heat providing heat therapy to the area of pain. The belt can be worn to promote good posture while working, lifting or while relaxing.

How does it work?

premium quality neoprene provides the best possible combination of support, compression, heat retention and comfort. It has a unique spiral lining which is effective in removing excess perspiration and improving comfort.

The support provided by the side stays improves posture to aid treatment of back problems such as a slipped disc, degenerative disc disease and Sciatica.

The heat provided by the high-quality neoprene can help to ease back muscle spasms and low back pain associated with a herniated disc and spinal stenosis.

Please Do Not go on your Trouser Size

Please measure around where the belt will be placed.

?Size Guide in Inches





29? – 33? inch

32? – 36? inch

35? – 39? inch

38? – 42? inch

  • Color: Black, Purple/Black
  • Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL
  • Neoprene?material help you support and correct?your waist and back.
  • Protect your waist and back.
  • Can effectively?prevent Waist and Back from getting hurt.
  • Reducing lower back pain, slouching and hunching.
  • Show good figure, improve muscles efficiency especially when you are using the part of waist and back of your body
  • Support improves circulation and oxygenation of working muscles and?Prevent strain and fatigue by keeping muscles warm.
  • Provide support for muscle stiffness, soreness, and pain.
  • Therapeutic warmth of neoprene.
  • Provides therapeutic treatment to muscle and back pain or sports-related injuries.
  • Supports lower back and eliminates excess water weight.
  • Provides therapeutic relief from chronic back pain and Chronic low back pain / Sprain.
  • Relieve lower back pain instantly.
  • Easy to put on and adjust.
  • Elastic double-side pulls provide adjustable compression.
  • 5 springs provides extra support to lumber back.
  • Fully adjustable.
  • Dual-function Sauna and Back Support belt.

How to Wear

  • Wrap belt around the waist.
  • Adjust the support to desired compression and secure with the Velcro on the front of support.


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